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We have helped Sacramento families get their loved ones and friends released from jail since 2003. Our bail agents are fast and our prices are affordable.


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How We Work:

Just because you have been arrested, that does NOT mean that you are guilty. You are still absolutely entitled to all of your constitutional rights. The opportunity to post cash bail and be free from custody is an integral part the California constitution. If you have been charged with a criminal offence, the specific charges will be what decides the dollar-value of bail needed.

Once the amount of the bond has been set, a bail agent can have you, your friend or relative released from custody by putting that amount on deposit with the court. Frequently if the bail bond is set at a few hundred dollars, many people have that much money on-hand, so it's possible to get someone out without a bail agent. But all too often, even for relatively "low-level" offences, the bail bond might be set at $20,000, $40,000 or even higher. Not many people have access to that kind of money on short notice.

A Sacramento Bail Bonds agent is actually in the business of loaning people money to get their friend or relative out of jail. When the court sets the amount of a bond, paperwork promising the full amount must be posted BEFORE the person will be released. Arranging a loan from a bank can take many days or possibly weeks (just ask anyone who has ever tried to buy a house). Banks usually are open from nine to five on weekdays and maybe a few hours more on Saturday. A Bail Agent operates open 24/7. Banks are looking for reasons to NOT make a loan because they want to avoid risks. The person who is sitting in jail will stay there, waiting for the bank to make a decision. A Bail Bond agency is in the business of providing the money for bail. We look for ways to say "YES" and make the release happen in the quickest and most efficient way possible! We're here for YOU!


We move quickly when you call us! As Bail Bonds Agents we know you want to get someone out of jail and we want to make that happen in a hurry. Frequently, bail bonds can be arranged with just a phone call. If that isn't possible, a brief visit to our offices will take care of the details and one of our bail bonds agents will sent to post bail at the Sacramento County Jail, which is just a short walk from our offices.

The Sacramento County Jail is open all day and all night everyday and just one block away from us. We have been posting Bail Bonds there since 2003. We have the expertise required to get the necessary forms filled out quickly and efficiently and have lots of experience dealing with the jail staff.

We do a lot more than simply post Bail Bonds, we work hard to find ways to make Bail Bonds affordable! We offer discount rates to members of the Armed Forces (both active and retired), people who are members of recognized Labor Unions, AARP card holders and clients who have retained an attorney before contacting us.

Common questions:

If you have a relation or friend who is being detained in the Sacramento Jail, CALL US RIGHT NOW! THEY COULD BE HOME FOR DINNER TONIGHT!