Discount Bail Bonds in Sacramento

We offer up to Twenty Percent Discounts for Active Armed Forces Members and Retired Military, AARP Members in Good Standing and Union Members. The need for a bail bond rarely comes at a convenient moment and is almost always an unexpected expense. We want to ease this buden as muchas possible and help you get your friend or relative out of jail at a price you can afford and payments that are convenient.

Active and Retired Military Service Members

Our clients who are honorably discharged veterans or are now serving on active duty with United States Army, Navy, Air Force Marines or Coast Guard, may qualify for a reduction of twenty percent off the standard bail premium. That discount cuts the premium from 10% to just 8% of the bail bond amount required by the court.

Special Rates for Labor Unions

For members of recognized labor unions, we offer a 20% discount off the normal bail premium, which brings the premium down to 8%, instead of 10% of the bond amount. That's a significant savings for you! Call now and talk to one of our bail bonds agents for details and qualifications.

AARP Membership Discount

If you're a member of the American Association of Retired Persons, you may qualify for a similar discount off our standard rate! Being a member of AARP has many benefits and this is just one of them.


Attorney Referral Discount

If you have been referred by a licensed attorney to Atlantis Bail Bonds, and the premium is paid in full at the time the bond is posted, we may be able to offer a special discount bail rate of 7%.

Retained Attorney Discount

If defendant has hired a lawyer and that law firm refers their client to us, the same 20% discount may apply. Hiring an attorney shows us that someone is serious about defending a case and will likely show up for all court-ordered appearances.

We show all our clients respect, protect their confidentiality and make every possible effort to make our services affordable and convenient. We offer payment plans and financing for those who qualify and accept most major credit cards. We are fully committed to making your release from jail not only fast, but affordable too!

Call us today at (916) 444-6868, 24 hours a day, and let our bail agents show you the best posssible rates we can offer.