How much does spousal abuse bail cost in Sacramento?

The charges involved for spousal abuse occupy an unusual, place in California's criminal justice process because the law, as written, strips the arresting officers of any discretion. If the 911 call is related to spousal abuse, the responding officers are required make an arrest. They have to arrest someone, it's the law. If there are firearms found on the scene, they will be impounded.

In Sacramento County the alleged victim cannot choose to have the case dropped or dismissed. The District Attorney is the sole decider of whether the facts justify prosecution and whether it will be classified as a felony or a misdemeanor offence.

Once someone has been arrested and booked into the jail, there is very little chance that he or she will be released on their own recognizance. They will only be released when bail has been set and posted or after a court hearing.


The amount of bail required is set by a panel of judges and is clearly defined in the Sacramento County Bail Schedule.

The bail for misdemeanor spousal abuse begins at $5,000 in Sacramento County but bail for a charge of felony spousal abuse is $50,000. Any additional charges that are filed or exacerbating circumstances could add to that bail amount.

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